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Gain customer engagement
Find out how solutions created using Knowesia increase your customer engagement.

banking customer relationship banking customer relationship The world of banking and insurance is undergoing major changes in terms of standards, mergers and acquisitions. These institutions are adapting to the demands of a highly competitive market and to the changes in communication types. Traditional banks are therefore becoming multichannel banks with a need to maintain full control over financial management and customer relations.

Young working people are attracted by multichannel relationships

These organizations benefit from a great many communication channels for managing customer relations and providing customers with flexibility and empowerment in the management of their accounts. Customers have access to an online space, a mobile application and forums, and they contact their account managers by phone, email and via chat. Banks are taking advantage of digitization to launch a new line of business: online banking.

Although some customers criticize the lack of human contact when using the different tools made available to them, most are very satisfied –  particularly young professionals, technophiles and the main targets of financial institutions.

Empowerment and transparency are the drivers of customer engagement

relationship assistance in bankThese developments have made it possible to create a transparent, confident relationship between financial institutions and their customers.

These aspects represent a source of customer engagement that financial institutions are keen to develop. Delegation and automation of certain actions over digital channels are saving a significant amount of time, enabling banks and insurers to focus on customer relationship development.

In their quest for customer loyalty, they strive to make customer service increasingly more relevant, personalized and accessible at all times. Individuals responsible for retaining customers need tools adapted to change, if they are to meet expectations which are likewise changing.

A great many tools are provided to increase customer engagement and productivity of account managers.

Create a solutions configurator to minimize customer acquisition costs

Knowesia is a process modeling software in the form of decision trees.

It enables a solutions configurator to be generated quickly, without the need for programming skills .

A solutions configurator generates the best possible proposal according to the requirements of the targeted individual

Whether it is used by a sales rep, an account manager or a customer, it represents an important sales channel that combines time and cost savings.

Automate sales force to increase your competitiveness

A sales force automation tool created using Knowesia will generate automated actions in response to a specific event. It streamlines sales processes by improving productivity while minimizing management and acquisition costs.

Very simple to create thanks to an intuitive interface, it can then be combined with the organization’s software to generate the document you need depending on the customer relationship status.

A self-help platform to improve the productivity of account managers

Risk management, processing of loan authorizations and standardization of claims monitoring processes are all tasks to be handled by banks and insurance companies every day.

You can create a self-help platform through Knowesia to guide users until they are fully in command of their actions.

An account manager can then solve a problem related to a customer claim very quickly using an interactive and intelligent self-help tool.

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