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Accelerate and facilitate change implementation through workstation-based operational guidance

tree modelisation softwareHow do you respond effectively to unprecedented changes in our economic and financial environment?

How do you convert your business, become more responsive and deliver higher performance given the changes this will require in terms of strategy, regulation and market behavior?

Knowesia has been designed to facilitate the implementation and control of change by focusing on the application of, and compliance with, new procedures by company staff at their workstations, even where the adaptations involved may be complex.

Knowesia provides the high level of flexibility required to adapt to external constraints and improve the way work production is structured. Knowesia is a human-centric software package that focuses on how people do their jobs, regardless of the nature and diversity of decisions to be made. It can be used to reconfigure business channels quickly by improving operational efficiency.

Training and guiding staff at their workstations

Difficulties met when implementing change occur at workstation level, where staff must carry out the operational tasks concerned.

Knowesia is the tool which trains and guides staff at their workstations, explaining how to do their jobs effectively against a background of corporate change and new business processes.

productivity and efficiency teamIt is Knowesia’s ability to model processes, operating procedures and new business rules to be applied and convert them into step-by-step interactive guide that makes it such an effective route to ensuring operational application.

The use of multimedia resources facilitates ownership of the application by employees by achieving a better level of ergonomic excellence in the MMI. This in turn shortens the time period required for team certification and training.

Accessed using a web browser online or offline, Knowesia procedures provide daily guidance and support for employees, giving them the resources they need to become operational quickly and permanently, regardless of their physical location.

The impressive ease with which procedures or applications developed with Knowesia can be created and updated provides a powerful way of ensuring that the work done by staff in a broad range of business areas (sales, service, support, back-office management, etc.) and new contexts is relevant and complies with the latest applicable regulations every time.

Complexity is addressed with all the necessary accuracy, regardless of the extent of change implemented. When rules change, procedures are automatically updated either by being imported or with the input of a business expert. The changes are then immediately available as operational guidance, removing any need to retrain staff.

The impact on quality and speed of change implementation within the company achieved by using Knowesia procedures is very significant and rapidly measurable. Knowesia delivers significant improvement in the corporate agility.

Tracking capability and relevant analysis tool

create process support with collaborativeThere can sometimes be discrepancies between the decision to implement an action and its actual implementation.

Knowesia provides departments affected by change with the opportunity to guide the change process and demonstrate that implementation is consistent with company strategy and any regulatory changes.

The built-in tracking capability of Knowesia procedures ensures that controls and new regulations are fully complied with. This particular point is very important for the implementation of strategic applications, like those with implications for offerings and pricing.

Saving of data and paths used is automated in Knowesia. Every step taken is stored, date-stamped and time-stamped. These elements prove to be extremely useful in the event of an audit, and provide an instant overview and measurement of action plan implementation.

Group working and communication

It’s everyone’s business to ensure the success of change within the company.

Knowesia has been designed for maximum user-friendliness.

Experts from different disciplines in charge of the change management plan can easily and collaboratively develop the operational implementation of the “on the field” plan, in accordance with company policy and existing regulations.

When changes and/or development need to be accommodated, the same individuals can simply edit and republish the updated procedures with just a mouse click.

Knowesia includes a pre-distribution validation loop for procedures that helps to check their compliance with the process concerned, regardless of which area of the business they relate to: products, services or support.

Knowesia ensures that business rules and their updates are applied, and that user feedback is taken into account.

Procedures developed using Knowesia can contain complex calculation rules and multiple conditions, and consider data from working environment and related information systems. This minimizes the need for human input and maximizes task automation.

For example:

Case management is handled automatically and dynamically, with reference to previous actions.

From the user point of view, Knowesia requires no programming skills, and its reasoning logic relies on the concept of decision tree. It is focused on enabling a business expert user to intuitively model his reasoning or procedure using design, and in a single mouse click to generate a dynamic, interactive web application for use by company employees at their own workstations.

As a result, experts responsible for developing change management support applications are free to focus on compliance with previously-adopted action plans and current regulations, and on determining proper processes.

Every aspect uniquely specific to the company can be modeled in Knowesia without the inhibiting prospect of costly evolutive maintenance, requiring special development at every stage to modify the existing information system.

Optimizing the existing information system

improve the information systemIn today’s business world, organizational change is accelerating, and the scope of change initiatives can sometimes be restricted by a lack of flexibility in existing information systems and the cost and lead time involved in carrying out specific development.

Knowesia removes the multiple technical constraints related to existing information systems.

Data from processes rolled out by Knowesia to workstations are directly input to your information system, and most importantly to your ERP, CRM and/or EAM packages. This concept of implementing the solution directly with on the field staff most closely involved in the changes ensures not only total ownership of the solution, but also greater agility and the reassurance that the changes made are consistent with your information system.

The degree of integration flexibility provided by Knowesia means that you can select the storage method and location that comply with your security standards, without compromising the ability to process data simply and directly within each process.

Consistency, on the field implementation and strategy

When implementing change, specific tasks must be completed differently and particular documents created to ensure compliance with the principles of the project.

Knowesia provides the dynamic, flexible management of PDF, Excel and HTML documents. It can also trigger mandatory actions during or at the end of the process, and provides the full tracking capability basically required for efficient measurement of the operational implementation regarding the decisions made. This automation and tracking capability considerably improves change management tasks by ensuring that on the field actions align with the company’s strategic decisions.

Version and security management

The Knowesia built-in publication logic enables to fully prioritize and separate roles throughout the process design, procedure validation and go-live phases.

data, security and cloudEmployee workstations provide individuals with access to only those documents strictly necessary to carry out their tasks.

These features also support and strengthen the attention to detail required when implementing and supporting organizational change. In addition, Knowesia incorporates a powerful versioning system for published processes and attached documentation, making it possible to revert to a previous version with a single mouse click or have part of the workforce use the new version for an experimental period, whilst retaining the previous version for all other employees.

Changes deployed internally can also be extended to subcontractors using a different version. At the same time, newcomers can be trained using a simplified version to get them up-and-running more quickly.

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