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modeling process managementKnowesia is the expertise and knowledge capitalization/transfer specialist responsible for the development, publication and distribution of the Knowesia software package.

Supported by BPI France (the French innovation funding bank) and DRIRE (the French Regional Directorate for Industry, Research and Environment), 53 man-years have been invested in Knowesia R&D.

Message from Knowesia CEO Thibault de Clisson

Exploring the possibilities and conducting the initial research that led to the development of our solution began 12 years ago. Today, Knowesia is used by more than 60,000 people on a daily basis.

de-Clisson-Thibault_PrésidentEver since the very beginning, all our efforts have been focused on our goal of making a decisive contribution to added value in CRM and in-house support. With Knowesia – a smart software package with the ability to model the expertise of your company’s analysts, specialists and experts, and make that expertise available online to those who need it – we can help you to significantly reduce your support costs, while boosting customer loyalty and improving service quality.

You can rely on the expert skills of our Research and Development teams to help you constantly improve your agility and ability to meet more effectively to market needs and demands.

The fact that Knowesia now enjoys recognized status as a provider of innovative software solutions for knowledge modeling and structured transfer worldwide is due in large part to its corporate values, which throughout its history have secured the commitment of all its teams to achieving clear customer service targets and an unwavering pursuit of useful innovation.

We have recently taken an important and major new step along this path with the launch of our SAAS offer, which brings our software solution closer to every type of customer and companies of every size.

Because we believe that today’s technological development promises significant progress and added value, and because we wish to continue working closely with you and providing you with the most comprehensive solutions, we are fully committed to giving the best of ourselves and listening attentively to what every one of our customers is telling us.

“When we understand how to listen, we always have more to say” – MOLIERE


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