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Completing deals for outsourcers and improving their productivity
Find out how to create solutions using Knowesia to complete outsourcer deals and make them more efficient.

Improve helpdeskOutsourcing is an activity that allows a company to focus on its core business by entrusting the management of part of its IT system to a specialized external service provider.

Outsourcing companies have the skills necessary to ensure optimum management of information systems. They are responsible for a set of tasks involving IT optimization and maintenance of equipment and software.

In France, this market is booming as the number of outsourcing requests continues to rise. Faced with a large number of service providers and services on offer, the company tries to make the best choice.

Outsourcing companies are constantly aiming for improvement

An outsourcing company must provide a quality service so that the company to which the service is delivered performs more efficiently itself.

Outsourcing thus seeks to improve its services and to adopt new uses, leading to the development of the customer relationship.

Optimize your business processes and improve your productivity

modeling process platformKnowesia is a process modeling software in the form of decision trees.

This intuitive and collaborative tool lets you automatically generate a dynamic page or web application from modeled processes and without using any programming skills.

By selecting Knowesia to publish an outsourcing aid, you can optimize your business processes. You and your customers will save time.

Capitalizing on skills will enable you to improve a great many case resolution processes. Using Knowesia, you can publish a solution that will put your customer directly at the heart of the service. You will be able to communicate, in a general, factual and objective way, about malfunctions and how they are perceived within the company.

Complete your offer with effective solutions using Knowesia

Integrating Knowesia with your outsourcing business allows you to complete your offer and meet the level of service expected by your customers.

You can pair your aid with your current tools (supervision, Configuration Management Database, reference bases, etc.), analyze stored data and ensure traceability of all operations performed.

Save your interactions and use them to derive metrics that can be analyzed.

Using equipment outsourcing solutions to minimize management costs

Deployment and maintenance of infrastructure (servers, networks)

With Knowesia you can formalize your maintenance processes to optimize the management and operation of computer equipment. It helps you make the right decisions and conveys the right information to employees. Your processing costs are minimized through better planning of interventions and restorations. Moreover, Knowesia allows you to improve monitoring and optimization of system and database performance.

You will benefit from improved maintenance of backups, as well as planned updates performed outside business hours to prevent production being impacted.

Using a solutions configurator to target outsourcing expectations

A solutions configurator created in Knowesia allows you to generate the best possible deal based on customer requirements, while managing the complexity of links between different pieces of equipment or their options.

You can manage your customer support more smoothly while at the same time avoiding errors in quotes and orders.
A solutions configurator interface easily integrates with other IT tools and a website. It allows you to manage all your deals and multiple rate structures to offer a tailored and customized solution.

Helpdesk solution for your infrastructure

A helpdesk makes it easier for you, as an outsourcer, to manage requests from your customers when you need to handle failures, maintenance work, system restoration or equipment renewal. Such support makes you more visible and enables you to process your activities more effectively, as well as enabling your customers to contact you through multiple communication channels (email, phone, chat).

Creating a helpdesk is simple because its creation interface requires no programming skills and you benefit from a rapid return on investment.

Software outsourcing solutions

A self-help tool designed for outsourcers

Technicians are faced with a great many cases and situations. Knowesia provides outsourcers with the ability to create their own e-support facilities for digitizing a set of business processes, industrializing knowledge and streamlining the completion of tasks within their activities. A self-help tool guides you according to your profile and intelligently, to provide you with only the information you need. This makes you more efficient and your services more effective.

A support facility created using Knowesia adapts to different devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) and can be updated easily and collaboratively in the interface.

A user who has been unable to find an answer to their problem can create a ticket in the ITSM to call on the help of another employee or request that the information be added to the e-support system.

Helpdesk solution for software outsourcing

Creating a helpdesk support in Knowesia is quick and easy. Helpdesk support lets you manage requests from employees who are experiencing difficulties with their software and to provide them with the optimum response. They can find all contact information through this support facility via various  communication channels, depending on the urgency (e-mail, chat, telephone). It becomes easier to capitalize on frequent incidents, optimize updates and plan the renewal of software licenses. A solution created with Knowesia can also forward requests to the ITSM to generate incident tickets.

Such support allows you to offer a much more effective service.

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