Knowesia unleashes the creative power of your organization

Knowesia unleashes the creative power of your organization

Knowesia brings a comprehensively innovative approach to developing procedures and provides business experts with an unusually effective method for modeling their knowledge in the form of decision trees.

On completion of the modeling process, Knowesia instantly and automatically converts the models into dynamic, interactive web applications. These can then be accessed on PCs, PDAs, Tablet PCs or mobile phones to make them available on the field where they are needed at the sharp end of the business.

The returns on your investment come thick and fast…

Knowesia streamlines every stage in the procedure development process

Expertise modeling:

Working alone or as part of a group, the business expert uses a graphic area (Knowesia Studio) to design the procedure in the form of a tree structure in exactly the same way as on a whiteboard… Each step in the procedure can be illustrated with images, video, animated diagrams or data entry forms. Data from other information systems can also be associated to it using the connectors to enhance databases. This data can also be used by it for calculation. And all with no programming required.

Using the application:

Knowesia instantly converts the expertise modeled by the expert into a dynamic, interactive web application that takes advantage of all the opportunities offered by multimedia. The resulting e-procedures or business applications are then available to users (depending on access rights) from a computer or mobile device.

Procedure monitoring, upgrading and fine tuning:

Knowesia allows business experts to monitor the way users interact with procedures and build on their feedback to refine and enhance procedures as and when required. This tracking capability also offers the option of saving the user context and communicating it to others.

A large volume of statistics is gathered throughout application usage.

Many potential uses:

Operating procedures, maintenance procedures, diagnostic support, assistance and guidance procedures, administrative process assistance, etc.

The returns on your investment come thick and fast…

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