Customer Engagement

Generating customer engagement to become more competitive
Find out how to create solutions to improve customer engagement

The importance of customer engagement

A successful and sustainable business is based on customer engagement.

The goal is to create a lasting relationship with the customer. This approach aims to retain customers by offering them a successful, if not unique experience, to best meet their expectations.

The objective of customer engagement is to optimize the interaction between a company and its customers to make it relevant.

A large number of communication channels that enable the market to be analyzed and customer requirements to be precisely understood already exist.

What are the challenges for customer engagement?

Customers have at their disposal many tools for communicating with a company or brand. Faced with the multiplicity of communication media and channels, they aim to receive a quick and appropriate response.

Companies cater for these new uses by providing more points of contact and/or of sale:

Services dedicated to providing information before, during and after the purchase, are also being developed with a real focus on empowerment and customization.

In this respect, a range of communication channels exists: website, phone, SMS, chat, email, forums, customer area, social networks etc.

The different departments need to adapt and put the customer at the center of their strategies in order to develop customer engagement.

Create solutions to develop your customer engagement in Knowesia.

Knowesia is a software with a simple interface that allows you to create multiple customer relationship solutions focused on customer engagement. By modeling processes and integrating content into the Knowesia studio, you can generate web pages and applications without the need for programming.

You can strengthen and improve your customer engagement using various customer relationship tools, and by optimizing access to expertise and process guidance.

All your different media can be interconnected. The integration of your documents and the connection between your different customer relationship platforms (CRM software, customer databases etc.) prevent the need to switch between different interfaces.

To discover the Knowesia studio and to model processes, download the free software.


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