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Find out how to create a decision support tool using Knowesia.

What does decision support mean?

Decision support is a technique used to take the best possible decision in response to a challenging situation.

The objective is to quickly analyze and check a set of information at a given moment, while taking into account the related factors, and to provide the most appropriate solution.

The benefits of using a decision support tool

A ddecision self-helpecision support tool is effective in all industries and handles a variety of contexts.

For companies, it helps streamline production or sales and optimizes operation. It enables the customer to be offered the best possible deal and a context or specific event to be clarified. Indeed, a decision support tool is able to process a great many criteria and business rules and to rapidly react to a situation or event while putting aside any subjectivity.

A decision support tool designed for direct interaction with customers provides them with the information needed as well as the best deal according to their expectations.

The user will be guided intelligently to prevent the risk of possible miscalculations or referral errors.

Creating a solutions configurator to increase your conversions using Knowesia

modeling process platformKnowesia is a process modeling software which is used to generate multiple solutions intended to improve productivity and customer engagement. It features an intuitive interface to model your processes in the form of decision trees and build your solution in a single click.

A solutions configurator created using Knowesia is a solution that improves customer relationships and helps your teams perform more efficiently. With this tool, your employees and your customers will find the best solution according to their needs. Providing guidance to individuals is easier to manage and errors in quotes and orders are also prevented.

A solutions configurator pack can integrate with CRMs, ERPs, PLMs, EDMs and a website. It can be used on all your devices (PC, tablet, smartphone).

Learn more about the solutions configurator.

Creating a diagnostic support tool to improve your services using Knowesia

A diagnostic support tool created using Knowesia will guide decisions taken by professionals and individuals toward the best possible choice. It offers the user the convenience of establishing a reliable and relevant diagnosis, quickly and safely, based on a wealth of information.

A diagnostic support tool will help assess a situation or event, informing users and directing them to the appropriate department if needed.

It easily integrates with all the information systems of an organization and can process data in order to automate actions (send messages, create alerts, update information, etc.).

You can customize this highly flexible tool to reflect the image of your company and your customers.

Learn more about diagnostic support.

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