Sales Forces Automation

Improve your sales conversion rate and your productivity by automating activities
Find out how to create a sales force automation tool in Knowesia.

What does “sales force automation” mean?

automation processSales force automation is a technique that aims to automatically generate actions after a specific event. It streamlines and improves sales processes by automating certain tasks. Automatic performance of tasks improves the productivity of a company and also minimizes its management and acquisition costs.

A sales force automation system is based on IT data exchange and can be combined with other software such as CRM. It is customizable according to the company’s business, strategy and structure.

Maximize team productivity by automating some of the tasks

Sales reps are faced with a great many tasks requiring them to switch between multiple documents and software, and to travel. Yet time lost while travelling, switching between different types of support and filling out documents, can be reduced.

An automated system that performs some of these tasks increases team productivity since everyone can then focus on the customer relationship.

Sales force automation will help you to:

All feedback related to automated actions is redirected to the relevant people based on the content, and stored in the database.

Create a sales force automation system using Knowesia and improve your productivity

A sales force automation system created using Knowesia is able to automatically manage all activities involving interaction with a customer, such as:

This ensures that the customer is provided with a service that meets their expectations.

During the call with the customer, the sales rep or operator may invoke, within the process, external systems such as:

Knowesia can dynamically and flexibly generate PDF, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, or Excel documents with graphics and tables, all in accordance with the graphical charter of your business.

An automation tool can also include:

Sales force automation may also be used as a “simplified” CRM to manage:

modeling process platformIt is a solution that adapts its functionality according to the company business and structure.

An automation system is a comprehensive tool that will turn your company into a high-performance business from a commercial and logistical point of view.

Your customer engagement will be improved thanks to a smooth relationship and the rapid response of your company.


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