Improving call center performance

Find out how to create a customer support call center in Knowesia.

What is the role of a call center or customer relationship center?

improve call centerThe customer relationship center (otherwise known as call center or customer support) is a service for assisting customers before, during and after a purchase. It centralizes all customer claims, which are generally made by telephone, and is the place where call center operators are responsible for handling each request until it is resolved.

The customer service center can inform and handle any problems related to the sale and technical support and can conduct a loyalty follow-up to assess customer satisfaction.

The role of call center operators is therefore to take orders, assist customers or possibly escalate to more relevant services in order to resolve their problems. Customer service departments are found in most industries such as telecommunications, IT, banking, tourism, automotive, mail-order sales. etc .

Why does the customer service department (call center or customer support) improve customer relationship management?

The customer relationship center is an important point of contact for your customers looking for a more human form of interaction (as opposed to web interfaces).

improve customer relationshipCall centers are becoming increasingly important in the customer relationship because of their ability to build customer loyalty in particular and also because they increase satisfaction levels when they are effective.

In call centers, operators must meet quantitative and qualitative targets, which are associated with high levels of stress.

They must meet performance obligations, with individual or collective targets in terms of the number of calls taken per day, duration of interactions and number of cases resolved, and may have been assigned sales targets. In addition, they must follow set procedures throughout the telephone conversation with the customer (steps to follow, scripts, visuals and checks). Ultimately, it is these requirements that are the main cause of the high turnover observed in call centers.

The time spent waiting on the line for an operator often seems lengthy to customers, who must follow a number of “steps” (listening to legal notices and menu, waiting time) only to find sometimes that no operator is available. Many customers, frustrated by this waiting time, find it interminable and become increasingly annoyed as time goes on.

Often, customer relationship centers are overloaded and operators try to respond to all requests by seeking useful information in a knowledge base or CRM.

Using Knowesia to build a strong knowledge base and capitalize on the expertise of your call center operators

modeling process platformKnowesia is an intuitive process modeling software in the form of decision trees. These are automatically converted into dynamic and interactive applications or web pages, which intelligently guide the user at his workstation. Modeling a process does not require any programming skills. Initiating a project with Knowesia lets you improve the productivity of your customer relationship with a very quick return on investment. The Knowesia design studio is collaborative. It allows you to share a project or to escalate comments.

Creating a customer service support tool in Knowesia allows you to increase customer engagement and the productivity of your team.

Collaborative support improves the processing rate and quality of your incoming and outgoing calls. It collects the knowledge of senior employees and standard processes to create, update, and contribute to:

Using the proper tools makes it easier to train your employees and help them to develop their skills. Training them quickly and effectively  helps you to cope with the costs and time needed to train new call center operators as a result of staff turnover.

By combining your different tools and software packages, your call center operators will no longer switch between several interfaces.

You can integrate the support you provide with other tools such as CRM and ITSM to:

Use Knowesia to achieve your goals faster by being more productive.

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