Improving your customer relationships by leveraging your knowledge in a sefcare

Find out how to create a selfcare or e-support feature in Knowesia.

What is Selfcare / e-support?

e-support telecommunicationE-support is a dynamic web page, WAP or application with an interface that gives customers the ability to manage their accounts and track their claims through dedicated pages from a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

It takes different forms such as customer spaces or FAQs, offering a wide range of actions.

Customers can edit their personal information, subscribe to an offer or service, change options, enable or disable a feature, generate a document with the possibility of automatic sending, manage bank accounts, complete a satisfaction questionnaire, pay invoices, track an order, track delivery and other actions.

Why does e-support improve customer relationship management?

A great deal of information relating to standard customer requests can be made available directly in these interfaces. In addition, customers can access a history of their last exchanges with an operator or of their latest actions, and be offered tailored deals based on their profiles.

All this data can be synchronized by connecting your e-support to your CRM or ITSM.  This results in better customer care and support the next time the customer contacts an operator.

Provision of information enhances the database and improves customer relationship management.

How can CRM costs be minimized through e-support?

E-support is a major time saver because it supports all redundant requests and simple interactions by providing a clear, instantaneous answer. It also simplifies situations or requests by redefining them in a context where the user is easily able to manage their requirements.

The challenge is to divert most direct requests by redirecting them to a web space or application that will meet their needs.

The workload of telephone platforms is minimized and the many written exchanges between the company and its customer are significantly reduced.

The drop in calls and incoming messages will reduce customer management costs by improving the productivity of customer service. Teams dedicated to customers can focus on managing tasks with higher added value, which significantly enhances operator proactiveness.

Customer relationship management will be significantly improved, while customer loyalty will also be enhanced.

E-support improves customer satisfaction

customer relationshipCustomers gain empowerment while avoiding long waits on the phone or the problem of finding services closed or unavailable.

They are free to resolve a problem, track their consumption or manage their needs whenever they want, using the method of their choice.

They benefit from total transparency in their relationship with the company and the services to which they subscribe. Give control to customers – it will make them feel confident.

Create an e-support system using Knowesia studio

Whatever the business sector, the e-support is a customer relationship channel which has now become a must for successful customer relations.

modeling process platformThe Knowesia solution requires no programming skills to create an application or a website with a customer space.

It generates interactive guides containing multimedia elements to perform diagnostics and manage incidents, facilities, equipment assemblies, service contracts and many customer services.

The Knowesia studio features intuitive tools that facilitate the modeling of a great many processes by integrating multimedia elements. The industrialization of all the knowledge of customer advisors and sales reps then guides customers step by step.

Capitalizing knowledge while using a collaborative approach

Knowesia features a collaborative approach with the ability for multiple stakeholders to provide feedback, make changes and update processes according to the changes in the organization.

The e-support workspace is not frozen in time and can be continuously enhanced. Within the tool, each employee is able – depending on his position – to escalate his suggestions or add a process while maintaining consistency in internal communication. By capitalizing in this way, you adopt a proactive approach and preserve the expertise of the company and of its most experienced employees before they retire. The market is changing; you must change, too.

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