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Perfectly targeting the requirements of the prospect or customer

Find out how to create a solutions configurator in Knowesia.

What is a solutions configurator?

configurator offersA solutions configurator allows your technical staff, your sales reps and your customers to find the best deal according to the needs of the individual. Customer support is easier to manage and secondly errors in quotes and orders are also prevented. A solutions configurator interface can easily integrate with CRM, ERP, PLM, EDM and a website. It can be generated as an application or web page and used on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

How does a solutions configurator improve customer relationship management?

Sales forces and marketing teams are faced with a multitude of deals, requirements and usages. The challenge of marketing today is increasingly tending toward personalization, in order to provide the customer with a bespoke product or service. Indeed, this customization of requirements is becoming increasingly refined through exploitation of customer data. Used wisely, this data can guarantee a quick return on investment and customer loyalty.

A solutions configurator application is used by different players and for various purposes:

Use Knowesia to create a solutions configurator and improve your sales conversion rates.

Knowesia features a design studio that does not require programming skills. You can intuitively model your customer experience and integrate content and multimedia elements.

modeling process platformIts interface lets you easily create an effective solutions configurator, ensuring a high level of sales performance and an increasing sales conversion rate. Highly customized proposals and prompt service will demonstrate your professionalism to your customers and gain their confidence, as you will be consistently focusing on their actual expectations. Finally, by creating a solutions configurator using Knowesia, you are building an additional sales channel: customers buy without your interaction, ensuring a partial coverage of your sales at reduced cost.

Integrated with your other sales and CRM tools, it allows you to:

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