An ever-changing industry.
Find out how Knowesia allows you to improve your competitiveness in the energy industry.

Energy is a key industry that remains essential for the general population.

Energy company processesThis industry is undergoing major changes in terms of market, economic environment and changes in regulations and lifestyles.
New uses and technological developments are amplifying energy demand. For these reasons, energy companies seek to become true consumer partners.

Increased importance of customer engagement since liberalization of the market

2007 was marked by the liberalization of the energy market, making it possible for all energy suppliers to submit their deals. This provision was made to ensure a market that would be safer, more competitive and therefore more beneficial for consumers. Customers now have a greater choice of deals available to them and they demand the best service.
The challenge is to offer the best deal at the right time, with an attractive price and excellent customer service.

A multi-channel customer relationship and responsive service

Thanks to technological innovations and multiple communication channels, customer service has improved and diversified. Customers of energy companies can now access a customer space where they can manage their requests, payments, information and deals.
They can access customer service via chat, email and phone and have at least one tool available to send their requests synchronously or off-line.
Customers are looking for clear and transparent service. Confidence is essential for relationships with customers since they want to be sure they are paying for a service that is “tailor-made” and which a competitor cannot provide.

Become more competitive with a solutions configurator

find a solution with a selfhelpKnowesia is a software that allows you to create multiple solutions in the area of customer engagement and technical support. It includes an intuitive interface and functionality that greatly simplify the creation of your media
Use Knowesia to create a solutions configurator that gives your customers the deals that meet
their needs and helps you avoid mistakes. It will also prevent you from losing sales, whether due to reluctance on the part of the customer or lack of relevance of the proposal.
A solutions configurator can be used by your sales reps and may contain multiple sales aids. It stores customer data (product selection, click, views) and can be configured for a “marketing automation” strategy with a view to emailing – or having the sales force automation tool email – a customized offer.

Collaborative and flexible e-support to grow with the market

The availability of e-support to customers is essential in order to develop customer engagement. Owning a flexible and collaborative e-support system allows you to make changes yourself, depending on the market and without reworking your support.
Creating and making changes to e-support in Knowesia requires no programming. Escalating comments and adding processes is very easy.
You can create a high-performance e-support system in Knowesia and significantly improve
your productivity.

Formalizing maintenance processes of field technicians

In some energy-related organizations, field operations are required from technicians. Creating a tool for formalizing maintenance processes using Knowesia allows you to better plan movement of people to restore or maintain equipment. With this solution you can track all your equipment deployed in a given area and optimize its operation.

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