Digitize processes and information

Find out how to create solutions in Knowesia to improve quality of service in the healthcare industry.

numeric information healthcareThe healthcare industry is facing an economic environment that demands spending cuts, while the needs of the French population are increasing along with life expectancy. This means that healthcare organizations must handle more and more cases associated with an ageing population and with lifestyles that have evolved.

Moreover, regulations and the health system itself are also changing and becoming more complex.

Paradoxes between the implementation of reforms and the expectations of the population are exacerbating the complexity of the healthcare system, in that

Information systems require modernization and digitization of certain processes.

Healthcare industry in the process of data digitization

Technological innovations now allow business processes to be streamlined, resulting in significant time savings.

However, to a large extent, the healthcare industry is not able to keep pace with the changes.

increase information systemDigitization of processes and of as much information as possible would enable many medical procedures to be performed quickly and without constraints. This digitizing logic is not intended for archiving documents but for workflows, in order to circulate circulation and make it quickly accessible, and to take effective action.

Medical imaging, reports, prescriptions, patient records, equipment maintenance and other information would also be far more secure. Quality of care may be improved when cases are processed quickly, with correct information upstream.

Knowesia helps create tools for healthcare professionals

Optimize patient status by formalizing business processes

A business process formalization tool makes healthcare staff activities run more smoothly thanks to improved data processing.

Formalizing processes enables certain actions to be digitized (completing a record, transferring it to another service, creating an automated action, updating information, etc.) and the user to be provided with guidance on specific operating methods. Records are completed and processed more efficiently with less movement “back and forth”. Patients benefit from faster care and you save time.

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Create a diagnostic support tool to quickly find the right treatment

Pharmacies are visited by many patients who wish to benefit from effective treatment but sometimes do not know how to describe their condition, or what it is that they need.

Symptoms are often multiple and common to a number of pathologies. Health professionals do their best to meet the needs of patients even though there are many different diseases and it is difficult to know about each of them in detail.

A diagnostic support tool guides the health professional toward finding the effective treatment or providing the appropriate help based on symptoms that they have referenced.

This solution makes it possible to:

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Formalize the maintenance process for medical equipment to provide better care in hospitals

modeling process platformKnowesia is an intuitive process modeling software in the form of decision trees that are converted automatically into dynamic pages and web applications.

The Knowesia studio is its creation interface. Its simple tools and intuitive features make it easy to create an efficient process formalization tool without the need for programming skills.

Creating a tool for formalizing maintenance processes in Knowesia makes all of the processes related to the maintenance of medical equipment run more smoothly and lets you provide information to your employees more quickly.

You can schedule equipment maintenance and renewal, and make interactive technical documents available.

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Knowesia helps create tools for patients

An e-support interface designed to optimize access to care and reduce the number of visits

E-support in the medical industry would allow many patients to update their information and payments, view the history of care administered, reports and upcoming appointments, and perform various requests in the event of urgent need. They would be able to consult medical recommendations based on their pathology and advice on staying healthy.

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Diagnostic support tool

A diagnostic support tool helps a person to establish a report on his/her health status so that he/she knows which health professional to consult.

The user selects the symptoms that characterize his/her condition from a series of options proposed.. Finally, a result is generated to indicate possible matches with pathologies and to provide details of one or more of the most competent specialists to handle the user’s case. Such a tool can also enable the user to contact specialists in writing and request a consultation via the interface.

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