Interactive Documentation : Capitalizing on information and internal knowledge for improved productivity

Find out how Knowledge Manager can easily  create an interactive documentation with Knowesia and boosts the efficiency of your teams

What does interactive documentation mean?

interactive documentationInteractive documentation is a set of documents and information made available to a customer or employee. It aims to guide a user because it handles all information related to a business, product, service, regulation or processes.
Documentation is used to select, classify, use, and disseminate various documents.
Its digital format differentiates it from the traditional paper format.

Constraints related to current business documentation

interactive documentationDocumentation currently used cannot be easily edited by a third party. Obtaining comprehensive feedback on its usefulness and on the relevance of its content is difficult.
It contains outdated information since it is not frequently updated and is not always mobile.
Sometimes the documentation is not taken into account due to its daunting aspect and its non-ergonomic navigation. It is indeed helpful to know which page was read and the way the reader has navigated, and to be able to enhance documentation using user experience over time. The user wants to find the answer to their question directly without having to browse through a large amount of content before reaching it.

Knowesia enables your documentation to be used more efficiently and guides your teams

modeling process platformKnowesia is an intuitive software for modeling processes in the form of decision trees which are automatically converted into dynamic, interactive web applications intended to intelligently guide users at their workstations.

By converting your technical documentation into true interactive applications dedicated to guidance and support, Knowesia will:

Scopes are multiple and cover several types:

Interactive documents created with Knowesia are immediately available on the web or on the company intranet.

Understand and analyze how your documents are used, with Knowesia

create process support with collaborativeKnowesia tracks all user actions as well as the navigation in the document to know what pages were read, and the order in which they were browsed. Knowesia also stores all collected data (variables from forms, attached files sent to experts, etc.). These are all useful indicators for the development of Knowesia guides or processes by experts.

The ability to quickly modify the process and its very straightforward publication principle allow the expert to take into account all the information escalations and experience feedback, guaranteeing that documents are up to date and always adapted to changes in the field.

With Knowesia, you can generate dynamic and interactive composite materials capable of leveraging the full potential of your information system.

To test the Knowesia studio and to model processes, download the free software.

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