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What does technical support mean?

Technical support is an external (outsourced) service  or an in-house department responsible for assisting in the maintenance or restoration of an asset or service.

Those responsible for the support are known as call center operators, hotliners, maintenance engineers, or technicians, depending on the industry and their areas of activity. They are empowered, through skills and technical means, to intervene or take control of the equipment or software. They are responsible for the proper operation and smooth running of the working environment, whether in a virtual or physical way.

An individual can also self-help independently, without third-party intervention, by using a dedicated platform where all information and steps for resolution are stored. A solution will intelligently guide you through the process of handling the problem.

Giving technical support the tools to make the company more competitive

While technical support has a key role, it must be given the means to carry out its task successfully.
Technical support is a key activity in the company to:

If technical support is to provide a quality service, they need a tool that will enable them to easily visualize, monitor, plan, intervene, correct, maintain and restore if necessary.

Create solutions within Knowesia and stay competitive

Knowesia is a software designed to create solutions based on an intuitive interface. Knowesia will let you easily create technical support solutions that will help you keep your productivity in line with market requirements. The concept developed by Knowesia lets you model processes, incorporate content and multimedia elements, and then turn those processes into web pages or applications without the need for programming.

By providing your technical support with what it needs to carry out its tasks, you will see your employee productivity greatly improved.

Your various support levels can also be interconnected. Document integration and connection between the different customer relationship platforms (software packages, databases etc.) prevent the need to switch between interfaces.
To discover the Knowesia studio and to model processes, download the free software.


Self-help/ Self-support solution

The self-help tool is an interface that lets employees manage their information, training, claims and search processes. Creating a self-help interface in Knowesia improves the productivity of your team. Read more

Solution for Helpdesks

The helpdesk is an essential human point of contact that centralizes employee requests. Proper management of queries significantly supports the company’s performance.
Knowesia enables you to create an effective helpdesk support. Hotliners will provide optimum telephone assistance and team productivity will improve. Read more

Interactive Documentation solution

Interactive documentation is a solution that manages information in a relevant and smart way It is an effective medium, which may be used collaboratively.
The employee is able to immediately find what he needs and productivity is improved. Read more

Maintenance Process Formalization solution

A solution that helps formalize your maintenance processes provides better value for your business equipment. Since equipment maintenance is essential to ensure the competitiveness of your company, a tailored solution is the best tool to guarantee efficiency. Read more

Business Process Formalization solution
A medium that formalizes business processes provides better integration for newcomers and improves employee productivity by guiding them in their tasks. Users can share their knowledge with an approach based on co-creation and collaborative work, whilst contributing their feedback to the support process. Read more

Diagnostic support solution
Diagnostic support is a tool that will guide the user toward determining the most accurate diagnosis based on proposals received and the options entered. This tool will generate a result by processing a large amount of data and selecting from an internal knowledge base. This is an effective solution which enables the user to respond promptly and productively by eliminating doubt. Read more

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