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Improve your productivity and customer engagement using a diagnostic support tool

Find out how to create a diagnostic support tool using Knowesia.

What does diagnostic support mean?

increase information systemA diagnostic support tool is a tool that lists multiple data and sorts it to assess a situation. Depending on the situation, the support tool will refer to criteria previously entered and/or selected by the user.

It generates a diagnosis via its interface based on these criteria and provides as much information as possible to guide users in their approach.

Professionals will find it especially useful for managing very large quantities of events and data, while taking into account possible interactions and similarities.

Diagnostic support can be used by an individual to find an answer or be directed to a professional as required.

Diagnostic support meets the challenges of multiple industries

The benefits of diagnostic support

diagnotic helpThanks to its large storage capacity, a diagnostic support solution provides results that might have been difficult to achieve without using the tool.

Based on a term entered, a criterion selected or a combination of facts observed, professionals are able to review all possible scenarios.

Each result is documented by a form. The user can then directly access the result suggested as being the most relevant, but can also review similar results. The user is able to refine the diagnosis by reviewing several possibilities and eliminating scenarios.

Diagnostic support is a robust knowledge base that quickly and efficiently guides and directs users toward a solution.

Its interface can also contain a fast or detailed search tab, which provides direct access to forms. Professionals can make changes and enhance forms as well as the pathways, enabling them to diagnose a case.

Professionals are more productive, with the result that the organization becomes more competitive and customer satisfaction improves.

Individuals benefit from additional help, explanations and referral to the appropriate department.

Creating a diagnostic support tool using Knowesia to improve the efficiency of your services.

modeling process platformKnowesia is a process-modeling software in the form of decision trees.

It creates solutions intended to improve customer engagement and productivity of professionals. Creating a diagnostic support solution does not require programming skills. With the Knowesia interface you can easily add processes, text content and multimedia elements, and then generate an application or a web page in a single click.

Indeed, Knowesia allows the patterns leading to diagnoses to be formalized and the project to be collaboratively created with multiple contributors. You can modify your diagnostic support tool quickly and easily at any time, if you want to:

Knowesia offers a multitude of possible actions through its many features.

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