Formalizing business processes

Formalize your business processes for greater efficiency
Find out how to formalize your business processes using Knowesia.

A process is the specified way to perform an activity taking into account the five Ws and one H: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

Formalizing business processes allows to activities and operating procedures to be digitized and techniques or guidance devices (guides, instructions, etc.) then to be implemented.

Writing processes therefore involves visually representing the company’s activities by writing down what needs to be done. This technique aims to standardize the actions of employees and provide them with the tools they need to do their jobs properly. Multiple procedures may therefore be defined within a process.

Formalizing business processes develops the operational excellence of the company

Formalizing business processes is required:

A process meets a requirement and is tailored to its recipient. Modeled processes are extremely beneficial for employees, who can receive guidance and/or training promptly.

Employees are provided with aids classified by theme, according to the context and their profile. Operations and their implementation methods are explained in detail and arranged intelligently.

Describing operations is the way to determine clear and productive methods, because:

Virtualizing processes lets you digitize procedures and operating methods relating to the management of:

Newcomers to the company can then be quickly integrated into team operations. Optimizing processes ensures quality work.

Develop and implement solutions quickly and easily with Knowesia

Knowesia is a software for creating solutions to increase staff productivity and customer engagement. Knowesia studio, its creative workspace, requires no programming skills

modeling process platformThe Knowesia studio allows you to quickly model your processes in the form of decision trees. It uses the most appropriate and universally understandable way to make formalizing your processes a relatively simple operation.

The studio is intuitive and includes  many user-friendly   features that require no training.

You can develop and implement your solutions in order to correct defects in your organization and meet your strategic guidelines.

Knowesia simplifies change and integrates with your other tools

Today, the processes for organizational change move more quickly and may sometimes be disrupted by the lack of flexibility of existing information systems, the cost and the time to completion of specific customizations.

Knowesia can remove many technical constraints related to existing information systems.

Data from processes run by Knowesia on workstations are built directly into your IT system to interact with your CRM, ITSM, CMMS or ERP. The solution co-creation approach in the Knowesia studio, as well as its integration flexibility, allow the field actors most affected by the changes:

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