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What is a helpdesk (otherwise known as a hotline or service desk)?

improve helpdesk efficiencyA helpdesk (hotline or service desk) is a service intended to meet the needs of the users of a product or service. The contact is usually established by phone but can also evolve into a multi-channel communication involving emails, sms, chat and social networks. Hotliners provide technical assistance to resolve problems with the installation or use of hardware or software.

They may also be asked to provide help regarding renewal and purchasing of hardware or software. They are the main point of contact between information systems management and employees in the areas of information technology and communications.

A helpdesk generally includes several levels of response classified according to the urgency, the type and the difficulty of the request. They can be contacted by email, by phone and on the company website. The levels communicate with each other to transfer requests if necessary, with a view to prompt resolution by the appropriate level.

How does a helpdesk operate?

The hotliners have access to a knowledge base for documentation, which lists the many solutions to meet different requests. They may, in some cases, take remote control.

organize helpdesk ticketsA query generates a ticket that enables it to be identified and tracked.

The first level deals with the call or message, diagnoses the problem and references it. At this level hotliners provide initial recommendations for solving the problem but their empowerment remains limited.

An intermediate level, called “back office” (or “back-desk”), diagnoses the problem if the first level cannot address it. The hotliners on this level can trigger different actions such as the management of equipment. As a last resort, the highest level becomes involved. This level has more advanced technical skills for dealing with reference problems.

What challenges are faced by helpdesks these days?

The quality of technical support is measured by how quickly requests and incidents are acknowledged, the relevance of answers and the follow-up on incidents until they are resolved.

Today’s helpdesk has become more complex, in order to cope with the increasing development of new technologies and products. It also requires proper management of technical knowledge, relational aspects and processes.

Customer service departments must deal with:

Use Knowesia to formalize a helpdesk project and industrialize the knowledge of your employees

A helpdesk provides reliable support and a single point of contact with users.

modeling process platformThe Knowesia studio allows you to build an optimized, new-generation helpdesk with fast and efficient incident management processes.

The Knowesia studio interface is intuitive and requires no programming knowledge. It offers great flexibility when building a tailored knowledge base and easy access to business knowledge.

You can model a collaborative knowledge base or a tutoring service to capitalize on user experience and on the knowledge of your most experienced hotliners. This helps you deal with staff turnover by giving newcomers the opportunity to train with the skills of more established staff.

In addition, a hotliner who can access easily available and relevant information will be able to direct the request to the appropriate department.

A collaborative helpdesk lets you monitor the progress of a request (acknowledgment, processing, stage of resolution, etc.) and escalate suggestions.

Finally, a helpdesk with proper interaction with its contacts can enhance the image of a company and improve the quality of its services through the feedback it provides.

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