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What are the benefits of formalizing maintenance processes?

maintenance processesFormalizing your maintenance processes helps you make the right decisions and generates safe and accurate information for all your staff. Your costs are minimized through more effective management of equipment, labor and all related administrative tasks.

Formalizing maintenance processes helps with stock keeping, optimization of outsourcing contract management and equipment purchasing. Your have greater control over the activities of subcontractors and external service providers.

Optimized planning of maintenance work increases equipment shelf life.

Feedback helps to improve the maintenance department. Users provide comments that are stored in a history. In areas where maintenance presents a risk for technicians in charge of it, a maintenance solution limits hazards through better preparation and diagnosis of the equipment prior to work being carried out.

Formalize your maintenance support process using Knowesia

Knowesia is an intuitive process modeling software in the form of decision trees that are converted automatically into dynamic pages and web applications.

The Knowesia studio is its creation interface. Its simple tools and intuitive features make it easy to create an efficient maintenance aid without needing programming skills.

Knowesia allows you not only to formalize maintenance processes adapted to your structure and activities, but also to integrate interactive documents, generate operational reports and authorize a troubleshooting e-support feature and many other desired features.

If you have a CMMS software package, Knowesia can enhance it with many features that will make it more intuitive and easier to use. Formalizing maintenance support processes in Knowesia improves conventional CMMS by extensions and access to more flexible features.

What value is added by formalizing maintenance processes in Knowesia?

Whatever your business, you can create a scalable solution, tailored to your requirements and available on all types of devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) to:

modeling process platformThe interface responds dynamically to user choice and adapts to their level of training and/or skills. This means that only the information needed is provided without the user having to populate fields that are irrelevant.

The interface integrates seamlessly with your CMMS and information is transferred in both directions. It can also integrate with other components of your information system such as ERP, CAPM, accounting software and other solutions according to your business area.

A maintenance support solution can be connected as needed to your database or your website, and can load various documents in several formats.

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