A self-help tool to capitalize on knowledge and to gain skills
Learn how to easily create a self-help tool in Knowesia.

What are the functions of a self-help tool?

A self-help tool is a web page or application that guides users in their tasks and helps them gain the skills they need for full control of their actions. The self-help tool is accessible from a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

e-learning processIt supports different data processing systems such as user workspaces, interactive FAQs, and tutorials, which offer a wide range of actions. Users can manage their accounts and track their learning curve.

Users can edit their personal data, start training on a product, service or business process, enable or disable a keyword-related alert, make suggestions, submit content, update content, generate a document and find out how to solve a problem related to a customer complaint.

Whatever your industry or the area of expertise of your employees, a self-help tool is now a must for successful team management and to increase productivity.

Why does self-help make your teams more productive?

A self-help tool lets you capitalize on the knowledge of senior employees and train newcomers. It allows information to be shared and updated to prevent it becoming obsolete. Each user can benefit from a customized assistance or path and access to the information they need based on their profile. Whether experienced or not, employees can obtain answers for potentially difficult cases or seek information about a new product or service.

Taking advantage of an intelligent and customizable digital assistant, available at any time, means significant time savings when it comes to internal information management. You can then be sure that your team is performing effectively. When an employee does not find the help needed, a ticket will be created and the request will be processed internally. Synergy provided by the collaborative approach of this type of platform makes for an efficient work environment.

How can staff costs be optimized through self-help?

Companies are facing multiple issues including turnover, changes in regulations, competition, and the management of all of these using different communication channels.

The company must maintain consistency between its deals and changes in customer requirements. Employees must therefore become skilled in each new product or service and training them is time-consuming.

find a solution with a selfhelpBeing able to access information immediately, in a customized and intelligent way, means that employees can be trained quickly, efficiently and continuously.

Written exchanges are minimized since all necessary information is centralized and available to each employee. Everyone can manage their own tasks without having to escalate them, in the event that an employee meets an obstacle.

Similarly, comments may be added so that employees can share their feedback.

Creating a self-help workspace using Knowesia

modeling process platformKnowesia is an intuitive software for modeling processes in the form of decision trees which are automatically converted into dynamic, interactive web applications intended to intelligently guide users at their workstations.

Knowesia Studio is the creative workspace. It includes intuitive tools to facilitate modeling of a large number of processes.

Incorporating multimedia elements and external documents is relatively simple.

The Knowesia solution requires no programming skills to create an application or a website containing a user workspace.

You can create a self-help tool with the following:

Industrialization of knowledge and user experiences are reused to guide, train and inform users step by step. Each user can notify, and escalate suggestions and comments.

By capitalizing in this way, you adopt a proactive approach and preserve the expertise of the company and of its most experienced employees before they retire. The market is changing, your employees follow suit.

Knowesia has a collaborative interface to help you create your support

Knowesia’s collaborative approach enables the different players to provide feedback, make changes and update processes based on changes in the organization. This is co-creation.

The self-help workspace is not frozen in time but can be continuously enhanced. Within the tool, each employee is able – depending on his position – to escalate his suggestions or add a process if authorized to do so.

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