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A cross-channel optimization strategy

mobility multichannelThe telecom and media sector is changing rapidly under the combined effect of telecom, Internet and multimedia use, technological innovations and an increase in market expectations and regulations.

Telecommunications and media are an important market where competition is fierce. Deals change and adapt very quickly, highlighting bargain prices for new customers and exclusive deals to retain existing customers.

Customer services drive a cross-channel strategy enabling them to be present on all fronts:

beyond a favorable pre-sales stage and a successful purchase, customers are looking for impeccable after-sales service .

Customer service is the cornerstone of customer loyalty and engagement

Customer service is often costly for customers and companies.

Nevertheless, it is essential to provide support in order to meet customer requests. This support also reflects the expertise and skills of the company. A satisfied customer is more likely to engage with the brand or company, and their involvement will become a source of added value. Today, companies are basing a large part of their customer relationship strategy on the active participation of their customers.

The customer service also has a canvassing purpose, which represents an important aspect of acquisition within the marketing strategy.

Learning from customer experience improves competitiveness

improve experience customer processCustomer service must be timely, relevant and effective since the biggest failure for the operator is to see customers joining a competitor. To remain competitive and improve customer experience, operators are responsible for detecting any break in the customer relationship. They have several communication channels for recovering and exploiting customer data in order to prevent this from happening.

Although customer service benefits from having a large amount of information available, this information is often poorly exploited due to a lack of tools addressing the need for agility and flexibility.

Customer feedback is poorly understood, follow-up on requests suffers from lack of rigor, deals are sometimes inadequate and responses may also lack relevance. The laws have been relaxed in favor of consumers and competitiveness among companies has increased. Customers are then tempted to switch service provider. Agility and responsiveness, which must be demonstrated by the brand in such a situation, are crucial.

Deploying an optimized infrastructure to improve market positioning

Telecom operators today need to be constantly improving their infrastructure in order to keep pace with technological innovations and trends.

Indeed, networks are becoming increasingly powerful, enabling information to flow through telecom devices at very high speeds.

To ensure that networks are maintained, state-of-the-art equipment and optimal maintenance scheduling are a must.

Model a flexible and collaborative solution for call centers/customer engagement centers.

modeling process platformKnowesia is a process modeling software in the form of decision trees.

It allows multiple solutions addressing customer engagement and technical assistance to be created quickly and easily using an intuitive interface.

A tool for call centers created in Knowesia may include several key features for developing customer engagement. It capitalizes on customer experience and knowledge of call center operators, and optimizes task planning. You can create a flexible solution tailored to your methods according to your goals. Learn more about the solutions for call centers.

Create a solutions configurator for productive outbound calls

A solutions configurator created using Knowesia generates the best possible proposal from your many rate packages and structures. It allows you to find a suitable deal which corresponds exactly to the needs of the individual, and avoids mistakes. You can offer the right deal at the right time, and your staff become proactive. Learn more about the solutions configurator.

Formalize infrastructure maintenance processes with Knowesia

A solution for supporting infrastructure maintenance allows you to plan work and anticipate its deployment. You can also use it to complement your after-sales service packages and enhance them with much more flexible and intuitive features. This will bring your infrastructure up to standard and make you more competitive. Learn more about formalizing maintenance process.

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